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We’re not a pop up agency looking to test the latest trends with your money. We’re here to make you the talk of the town.Our results speak for themselves

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Our Mission

Pursuit of Potential

Most brands never reach their potential…

They get caught up with a fly-by agency who use your marketing budget as a way of earning quick money

Or, they get lumbered with an agency who tries to match the strategy of the big boys like Nike and Adidas - with 1/1000th of their budget. And other cookie cutter templates

The end result? Ads that just break even and a brand that barely makes it out of the local village

That’s not us.

Our mission is to build brands from humble beginnings to world wide winners.  To take your ideas, vision and products and turn them into a ruthless marketing machine that brings you flocks of new business every day.

Our Values

The Things That Set Us Apart

It’s not what we do that we hope will impress you, it’s how we do it… 

Getting Crystal Clear

We don’t hide behind voicemails or unread emails. That means we’re communicative, talkative  and always make sure we are 100% clear on goals, processes, performance and your results. 

That also means that we’re not afraid to step up. To be honest with you about things that are wrong with your brand or marketing funnel. And, if we do? It’s because we want you to win.

Call Us Old Fashioned

We’re a little old school when it comes to business. Not that we’ll rock up in a top coat with an Ashton Classic gripped between our teeth - but because of how we do business.

Ethically, and always with honour is how you’ll find us. It’s in everything we do. You won’t find pressurized or sleazy sales tactics here, instead a team that understands if you win, we win. 

Community Centric

Not ones to shy away from charity events and community fundraisers, we share the will to give back at every opportunity we can, that’s why we’re members of “1% for the planet” - a global network of businesses and individuals giving back to the world we live in.

Bespoke Businesses

While everyone else is hopping on the hot trend from last week, we’ll be fine tuning what’s going to blow your brand up tomorrow. And, whether we take inspiration from wisdom of the past, or shape an entirely new idea  - everything we do, is bespoke for your brand. 

Our Team

Meet Your Bespoke Marketing Team

Joe Testouri

Founder & Managing Director

Konrad Eitmantis

Partnerships Manager

Daisy Barbu

Operations Manager

Mehrad Torkian

Advertising Consultant

Maria Solukova

Head of Creative

Erald Krasniqi

Head of SEO

Agency & Strategic Partnerships

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