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Finn and Emma

223% Increase In Sales In 12 Months

Already a successful business in the baby clothing industry, Emma and Finn wanted to take it one step further and be known as the go-to baby brand worldwide.

Increase in sales compared to previous 9 month period to $1.45M
Growth in store conversion rate
Josef + Rosco

£3k p/m to £30k p/m in 10 Months

A Bespoke British Furniture design company creating upcycled home pieces, Josef + Rosco were looking to generate more sales from their advertising campaigns, attract more visitors to their website, and grow their brand throughout their online presence.

ROAS In 90 Days
£3k p/m to £30k p/m
In Monthly Revenue Increase
Something About Elizabeth

69% Increase in Conversion Rate

A disruptive apparel and fashion brand located in London, U.K. Something About Elizabeth wanted consistency from their marketing efforts. Not looking for merely a team that knew how to run ads, but an agency that understood their whole customer journey and ready to implement fresh ideas in to their campaign.

Income Generated Through Email Marketing
Conversion Rate Increase
Hunter FX

5 Figures In Less than 60 Days

A successful Forex Trading Company offering 1:1 mentoring, Hunter FX wanted to take their coaching business online as well as provide educational products and courses for their audience.

ROAS on Advertising Campaign
Figures in Sales in Less Than 60 Days