Top 7 Shopify Plugins You Need to Have to x3 Your Sales Within 30 Days

You are guaranteed to find at least one of these plugins to prove beneficial on your Shopify store, if you are also unaware of these plugins and find it overwhelming we also boost your companies sales ourselves!

  1. Nudgify 5. Edit Order
  2. Reviews 6. Wishlist Plus
  3. Hextom 7. Omnisend
  4. Returnly 8. Conclusion


You are guaranteed to find at least one of these plugins to prove beneficial on your Shopify store, if you are also unaware of these plugins and find it overwhelming we also boost your companies sales ourselves! All contact info is below this article. Now, When it comes to ecommerce, Shopify is one of the most popular platforms around. A customer makes two or more purchases from more than 50% of Shopify stores. Additionally, over 62 million consumers or over 14% of all consumers have made two purchases from the same retailer. Its user-friendly interface has a lot of features and is customizable too, that’s what we will be going through today. Even the best platform can be made better with the right help. 

Here are 7 plugins that can help you increase sales on your Shopify store:

1. Nudgify 

Nudgify engages your customers with real-time information that makes even empty stores lively with live data, such as your stock levels and recently sold items. The 1-Click Discount Nudge and Add to Cart Nudge are two further distinctive features offered by Nudgify.

Nudges were created to enhance your client experience, unlike sales messages or pop-up ads. As a result, you begin creating long-term value rather than a quick sales increase.

2. Reviews

It's straightforward to install and use Shopify's own solution for showing product reviews. Your sales are significantly influenced by customer reviews. When a product has five or more reviews, the likelihood that it will be purchased rises by 270%, according to research by Spiegel Online. While some users might appreciate other functionality (such the capacity to automatically email customers to request feedback), this is obvious to most users.

3. Free shipping bar by Hextom

Free shipping is a powerful inducement to purchase for internet customers. Actually, "9 out of 10 consumers think free shipping is the top most incentive to purchase online more, and orders with free shipping average about 30% greater in value." If I can receive free shipping, I'm far more likely to complete a transaction. Therefore, it only makes sense that proprietors of online stores would wish to provide it to customers who pass a specific level. The Free Shipping Bar by Hextom, however, takes care of it for you rather than requiring you to attempt manual setup. With the help of this fantastic plugin, you can show a customisable bar and modify your messaging when clients add additional products to their shopping carts.


4. Returnly

When compared to brick-and-mortar retailers, e-commerce shops have a disadvantage when it comes to returns. Online purchases are returned in over a third of cases (30%), however purchases made in physical stores are only returned in 8.89% of cases. This can be caused by a number of things, such as receiving a broken product or the product seeming different from what was anticipated. The fact remains, though, that operators of online shops should prepare for a sizable amount of returns. However, a straightforward return procedure can help alleviate this issue, and 92% of consumers say they'll make another purchase if they can easily return an item. Returnly: Returns & Exchanges fills that need.

To increase sales and foster loyalty, it streamlines the returns procedure and enables shoppers to use store credit to purchase an additional item before returning the first one.



5. Edit Order

Customers occasionally have second thoughts. Other times, they merely enter the incorrect address or make the incorrect size and colour selections. That entails locating the order, cancelling it, and then establishing a new one for Shopify store owners. In fact, once an order has been confirmed, the majority of stores don't allow customers to change it. 

By making it simple for business owners to modify an order as long as it hasn't been dispatched, the Edit Order plugin eliminates all of this worry. The delivery information, billing information, and even the product options can all be changed. Allowing customers to make changes to their orders lowers friction and increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase in the first place.

6. Wishlist Plus

Anyone can appreciate a good wishlist. Making one is a great method to keep track of the goods you're considering so you can quickly return and buy the ones you adore later on. This is easy for your consumers to do thanks to the fantastic plugin Wishlist Plus.

They may "bookmark their favourite products and pick up where they left off when they return" thanks to this feature. When consumers return to your online store, they may easily find their previously chosen items and make a purchase.

7. Omnisend

The Shopify email marketing plugin Omnisend comes highly recommended and contains a number of templates designed exclusively for e-commerce, including those for subscriber lists, email marketing automation, promotional email campaigns, and sales report production.

You may customise and set up emails to be automatically delivered at the optimal times, such as welcome emails, cart abandonment reminders, follow-ups, reactivations, or even birthday emails, to help you build stronger relationships with your customers. You must register for Omnisend, a web-based application that doesn't need any software to be installed. It gets you going by automatically importing your store's subscriber list.


We would start our process by looking through what your brand needs to boost sales within those 30 days and what we think visually could attract your target audience. We understand that it takes a lot more than plugins to boost sales, this is why we would like to set up a call at any time of your convenience. You would speak with our team to get to know us further, we get to know your business and discuss your thoughts on this matter. 

To contact us visit here and we would be delighted to chat with you, we look forward to hearing from you and are pleased you enjoyed the blog provided today. 

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